Teaching sculpting
  • Discover the world of 3-dimensionality
  • Explore your talent and creativity
  • Expand your capability and skills
  • Come to learn sculpturing
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Iggy's Sculpture Studio
The Studio We offer training in tri-dimensional creations, carving, moulding, modelling and casting. Small classes or individual coaching.
Students Any age or gender; people with aptitude toward art, creative, imaginative.
Tools Variety of manual and power tools, depending on the individual's skills and material used. Studio is equipped with a selection of hand tools as well as electric and pneumatic ones; students may also use their own equipment.
Materials All materials can be used, clay, plaster of Paris, wood and a variety of stones, etc. Compositions can be prepared for bronze casting, ready to send to a foundry.
Compositions Individual's creativity is promoted. All kinds of compositions can be realized from realistic figurative sculptures through abstract form, to nonobjective composition. All ideas will be analyzed and discussed in order to guide individuals and develop their own personal style.